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Dental Bridges in Scotch Plains, NJ

Kind Dental – 949 Westfield Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Preventative Care Dentistry at Kind Dental in Scotch Plains

Call the experts at Kind Dental if you need dental bridges in Scotch Plains. Our highly-skilled and knowledgeable dentists can improve your problematic teeth using bridges. Once applied, you can look forward to a happy and healthy smile that lasts for years.

What to expect at your Kind Dental visit

Are you ready to improve your oral health and hygiene? Call Kind Dental today so we can provide you with dental care that you deserve. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you really soon!

What Is It?

Bridges function to fill in spaces between your teeth. Made from highly-durable compounds, these synthetic teeth help to improve your smile while restoring the full use of your teeth. Patients can look forward to more than improved appearance, however.

Thanks to the effects of bridges, you may find that you are able to pronounce words more clearly and eat foods more comfortably. Furthermore, dental bridges can help reverse lost facial features caused by missing teeth.

Regardless of why you want dental bridges, you can trust that our dentists will help you every step of the way. Some patients may require additional dental work before bridges can be safely and comfortably bonded to your teeth.

During your consultation, we will examine your mouth and present you with an action plan if it is determined that you need dental attention prior to getting bridges.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Dental bridges take just a few days to complete. Once a mold has been created, a technician will craft your custom bridges. During this time, our dentists will prepare your anchor teeth so that they can safely accept the dental bridge.

If you are tired of avoiding foods that cause you pain and discomfort, or you simply want to improve your smile, call Kind Dental today. We will gladly fit you in to see our dentists so that we can help you with your dental needs.

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