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Dental Implants in Scotch Plains, NJ

Kind Dental – 949 Westfield Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076

Preventative Care Dentistry at Kind Dental in Scotch Plains

Do you have missing teeth that you would like to have restored? With dental implants, you can improve not only your appearance but your quality of life, as well. If you have been looking for dental implants our experts at Kind Dental can help! We provide our patients with beautiful implants in Scotch Plains and the surrounding areas.

What to expect at your Kind Dental visit

When you choose us for your dental needs, you have skilled dentists who can give you permanent teeth that will last a lifetime. This cosmetic procedure ensures that you never have to worry about losing your replaced tooth or teeth, giving you optimal oral health and hygiene.

Call Kind Dental today if you would like to make an appointment to see our dentists in Scotch Plains. Our experienced staff is here to help you obtain a stunning, complete smile with our advanced treatment options.

What Is It?

Dental implants are a cosmetic dental procedure that restores lost teeth. Two surgeries are needed for implants. The first one consists of our dentists placing titanium posts directly into your jawbone. These posts protrude up through your gums, on which your permanent dental implants are affixed.

Most patients require 3-6 months to heal from the first surgery. After you have completely healed from surgery, you will come back in for your second surgical procedure that involves affixing the implants to the titanium posts.

After Treatment

The recovery and healing time following the second surgery isn’t nearly as lengthy as the first. Soon, you will be able to return to a normal diet and enjoy the foods you love without fear of pain or discomfort. While there is some downtime involved with getting dental implants, you can look forward to your replacement teeth lasting you a lifetime.

If you have broken, decayed, or missing teeth, implants can help to give you a complete smile that you’ll be happy is yours.

If you are ready to transform your smile, call us today so we can schedule a consultation with our dentists. We look forward to helping you obtain the smile of your dreams!

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